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Industrial Engineering

What is industrial engineering?

WHAT IS INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING? The industrial engineering technician (like all other engineering disciplines) specialises in designing systems for the economic use of natural resources and manpower to the benefit of mankind. The industrial engineering team is concerned with the creation of wealth.

They achieve this through the establishment of improved and more efficient systems in both the production and service environments.

Owing to the scope and nature of engineering assignments, which can be on a large scale and complicated, the engineering practitioners normally work in teams to effectively and efficiently complete projects.

The industrial engineering teams concentrate on the following branches of industrial engineering:

  • Quality: The quality of the system and processes, as
    well as the quality of the products or services provided
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing processes and
    systems, production planning, factory layout, ergonomics and reduction of waste
  • Logistics: Transport networks, movement of
    material, scheduling, project management, etc.

Industrial engineering is a multi-disciplinary field of study that equips you with the necessary technical background, as well as the economic and people skills vital to making economically justifiable decisions in a business environment. Everyday industrial engineering work involves a wide range of activities and challenges!

A good example of the involvement of industrial engineering practitioners may be found in the design and planning of new projects. The industrial engineering team designs more effective methods and facilities for manufacturing and services. These projects could include capital equipment, civil construction work, workshops, production plants and even mining. The technician must ensure that the design elements of the projects are compatible and that the capital, plant, manpower and raw materials are optimally employed so that it results in feasible and economically viable projects.

Wealth for the company, the country and eventually every South African can only be created through developing high levels of productivity.