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College of Human Sciences

School of Arts

The newly established School of Arts offers a wide choice of qualifications ranging from non-formal learning programmes and certificates to formal diplomas, Bachelorís degrees and postgraduate Honours, Masterís and Doctoral degrees.

The School comprises of the following departments:

In the field of languages we are proud to offer not just languages and literature, but also linguistics, culture, modern and ancient civilisations, interpreting, translation and language teaching.

This School offers 20 languages (Afrikaans, Classical Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Northern Sotho, Portuguese, Russian, Shona, Southern Sotho, Spanish, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu), as well as courses in cultural studies in the cultures represented by these languages. You can also supplement your studies of literature with courses in the Theory of Literature and in Linguistics.

In the library and information field the Department of Information Science offers training for information consultants, information managers, knowledge managers, librarians, archivists and records officers.

The School of Arts also provides training for communication practitioners in fields such as public relations, journalism, advertising and marketing, telecommunication and media management. Lastly, the School offers art History, visual arts and musicology.  This brings together the academic study of the visual and musical arts, thereby enabling students to practise as professional artists, art historians, musicologists or musicians.