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Curriculum and Learning Development

Quality assurance

Fitness of purpose

  • Ensure that the quality of what we do is in line with legislative imperatives

Fitness for purpose

  • Align our vision and mission to the university’s 2015 agenda for transformation
  • Implement the tuition policies of the university to ensure effective distance teaching, which will optimize student engagement in the learning process


  • Collaborate with all stakeholders in curriculum and learning design and development processes in a team approach to improve learning environments and experiences and promote student success
  • Introduce lecturers to teaching, learning and assessment principles related to adult learners, tranformative outcomes-based education and other relevant theories and good practices

Value for money

  • Use human and physical resources optimally to gain maximum performance and competence among DCLD staff
  • Ensure high quality services through eliciting feedback and conducting reflective research on what we do, why we do it and how we do it.