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School of Management Sciences

Who we are

Shaping future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs

The School of Management Sciences is one of the Schools in the College of Economic and Management Sciences at Unisa and, in fact, the largest. The focus of the School is in delivering relevant tuition in line with industry trends through world class tools and methods that enhance best quality education. The School, through its leading departments and centres, offers a full range of business related qualifications and, through the open distance e-learning (ODeL) medium, provides a unique learning opportunity for aspiring leaders, managers and entrepreneurs.

The vision of the School of Management Sciences is to be the leading ODeL provider of management tuition and research.

The mission is to be the leading ODeL provider of management training and research on the African continent.

Because the core business of the School is quality tuition through relevant cutting edge knowledge, the School is continuously involved in identifying, analysing and responding to the key strategic and managerial challenges facing business firms today. To this end the School of Management Sciences focusses not only on Strategic Management and Business Management, but also on Sourcing and Supply Chain Management; Operations Management; Marketing; Human Resource Management and Industrial and Organisational Psychology, but also Finance, Risk Management and Banking. These specialized areas are cognate areas of the management sciences because they all are part of a field that seeks to teach and research scientific ways of managing business firms:

  • in the most effective and efficient way
  • in order to ensure the sustainability of a firm
  • adding value to the firm (over the long term) and contributing to profitability (over the short term)
  • in the pursuit of its mission and objectives
  • by satisfying the needs of people by means of products and services.

The School, through its high quality staff profile and research, is committed to serving humanity by producing graduates, postgraduates and developing executives who are better equipped to deal with the challenges that face Africa and who are globally competitive.