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Directorate: Student Funding

Welcome to the Directorate Student Funding

 Important dates & Information

Please visit NSFAS website at

or contact their call centre at 0860067327

General enquiries can be addressed to Unisa Student Funding at or visit your nearest Unisa office.


NSFAS If you have received an email or SMS from NSFAS, please go to the NSFAS website and sign your Loan Agreement Form (LAF) online. You will receive your book allowance once you have signed your Loan Agreement Form (LAF).

For more information on sBux, click here.


Post Graduate Bursary

Applications for this bursary are now closed. For more information contact your nearest Unisa Student Funding representative.

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The Directorate administers donor funds, in the form of study loans and bursaries, according to donors' criteria. Our main aim is to assist financially needy and academically deserving students. We are proud of the fact that the Directorate has empowered a large number of students from different Colleges and diverse geographical groups. Our vision is to be a beacon of great hope and excellence to our clients.

Our mission is to effectively and efficiently administer all funding at our disposal by ensuring that every stakeholder, particularly students and donors, receive high-quality service from a committed and professional DSF team.