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Political Sciences

Undergraduate qualifications

During the course of 2000 the Department finalised the structure and format of a number of Learning Programmes in accordance with SAQA requirements.  These Learning Programmes took effect at the beginning of the 2001 academic year.  The first four of the Learning Programmes below were developed by initiatives from within the Department, while the Department actively co-operated in the institution and design of the last two.

These Learning Programmes and their respective aims and foci are the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts General Degree (02038 - GE1)

  • Bachelor Of Arts (Human And Social Studies) Government, Administration And Development (02291 - GA9)
    Governance is all about the delivery of outputs and the sustainability of outcomes.  In order to improve the quality of life for citizens, the authoritative outputs by the political system has to be of the highest quality.  South Africa and Southern Africa require competent people in the areas of governance, administration and development. This programme will provide learners with an understanding of the synthesis of governance, administration and development within the context of the reconstruction of South Africa and Southern Africa.

  • Bachelor Of Arts (Human And Social Studies) International Relations And Diplomacy (02291 - IR9)
    The world is going through a period of extraordinary and deep transformation.  The process of globalization is turning the world into a "global village".  An ever increasing part of our daily lives is influenced and regulated by International, rather than national developments.  This programme will provide learners with an understanding of the International actors and relations (political, diplomatic,  economic, legal and cultural) as well as the issues and problems which are changing the global order.  Learners will be empowered to serve as  International experts in many fields linking the private and public sectors with the global community.

  • Bachelor Of Arts (Human And Social Studies) Policy Studies (02291 - PS9)
    Policy Studies is internationally recognized as being essential to good government and administration.  The democratization, reconstruction and continuous development of South Africa within a global village has resulted in an awakening interest in the various areas and issues that are or may
     become the focus of public policy.  This learning programme is an inter-disciplinary programme designed to provide learners with a sound foundation in the skills and knowledge to formulate, execute and evaluate public policy as well as to make meaningful inputs into the policy process.

  • Bachelor Of Arts In Political Leadership And Citizenship (99304)
    Responsible leadership and citizenship are indispensable for the functioning and future of South Africa and any other state, as well as the well-being of humankind in general.  This programme will provide learners with a sound  foundation in the knowledge and skills required of political leaders and citizens.  Learners are provided with a multi-disciplinary understanding of the importance of the economic, legal, administrative and societal contexts (both nationally and internationally) of politics.

  • Bachelor Of Arts (Human And Social Studies) Philosophy, Politics And Economics (02291 - PPE)
    This programme is designed to provide learners with a solid foundation in philosophical skills to comprehend world politics and  economics.  It is an inter-disciplinary enterprise since it crosses the boundaries  between politics, economics, and various disciplines of philosophy such as environmental ethics, business ethics, biomedical ethics, legal ethics, political philosophy, critical reasoning and logic.  It will equip learners with an appropriate range of analytical, empirical and conceptual skills in comprehending society's major political and economic forces and the philosophical ideas that shape  them.

  • Bachelor Of Arts (Culture And Arts) African Studies (02305 - AST)
    This programme looks at debates about how Africa was shaped historically and how it is represented in the contemporary world.   It also explores relevant cultural, economic and political issues that have a bearing on understanding Africa in the context of globalisation.  The programme is inter-disciplinary in its approach and is designed to equip learners with intellectual and technical skills to engage in researching, writing and reporting on socio-economic, cultural and political connections between South Africa, the larger African community and the world at large.

It should be mentioned that both the institution of the modular system and the parallel development of the Learning Programmes were time-consuming activities for the Department.  Staff members and so-called Programme Directors spent many hours on these painstaking tasks.  All-in-all the Department is satisfied that the structure of its new undergraduate offerings is in place and that further assessment and refinement of these offerings can now proceed as has been undertaken on the first and second level offerings.  There are promising indications that the new Learning Programmes will satisfy a definite demand in the labour market.  The Learning Programmes are expected to have a positive effect on the growth in the student numbers of the Department.