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The Classicist's picture gallery

The overriding impression of the classical arts is of opulence, solid performance, and the application of practical skills.

Enjoy the splendours of classical art and architecture! By registering for our course, Greek and Roman Art and Architecture [CLS2602 - Stream C], you will be introduced in fuller detail to architecture, vase-painting, sculpture, painting as well as mosaic. You will also learn in more general terms about other artistic achievements of the era.

The best survival of any art form, is Greek vases of which the earliest finds have been identified as being representative of the tenth century BC. For at least five centuries there were several major periods, important developments, and many famous potters and painters - until it gently faded in the late fifth century. Greek vases are probably more important now, artistically and commercially, than they ever were in antiquity, owing to the high level of their technical execution.

Due to copyright restrictions we can only encourage you to consult the book by PE Arias. 1962. A History of Greek Vase Painting. Thames and Hudson. London.

Classics links

One of the most comprehensive starting points to Classics on the Internet can be found at the Reading Classics Home Page. Designed as an Internet 'Gateway' for the Classics, it provides a large collection of categorised links.

Bellum Catilinae - Sites for the Greek and Latin Classics may also be useful in this regard.

Some of our personal favourites are :

  • Academic Journals & Publications
    • A comprehensive list of journals on the WWW can be found on the Oxford site
    • TELA: Scholars Press
      Scholars Press is a consortium of more than twenty organizations, and they publish books, journals, and electronic publications in the areas of religion, classics, and Mediterranean archaeology.
  • Special Interest Sites
    • Diotima
      A useful site for information on women's studies and antiquity.
    • Oriental Institute
      Situated at the University of Chicago, the Oriental Institute is a world leader in interpreting Near-Eastern antiquity.
    • Skenotheke: Images of the Ancient Stage
      This site (from the University of Saskatchewan) offers valuable insights into the physical realities of the classical theatre.

If you have anything interesting to add to this list, please inform the webmaster.