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Unisa Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Speeches delivered by Professor MS Makhanya

30 January 2014 Official opening of the SAPS Academy (PDF)
11 December 2013 The Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Interfaith Memorial Service (PDF)
22 August 2013 Business breakfast on Africa’s economic future (PDF)
17 August 2013 Welcome: 11th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture (PDF)
5 August 2013 Welcome: TMALI Certificate Ceremony (PDF)
2 August 2013 Advancing Gender Equality in Higher Education and the Broader Society (PDF)
30 July 2013 Opening of the Unisa Science Campus, Johannesburg (PDF)
20 July 2013 Introduction to the 2nd public dialogue on the Freedom Charter (PDF)
28 June 2013 Green Campus Initiative: Zero emissions car roadshow (PDF)
27 June 2013 Welcome: 1st Unisa Southern African Wind Instrument competition (PDF)
15 May 2013 Welcome: Launch of the UNESCO Africa Chair in Nanoscience and nanotechnology (PDF)
27 April 2013 SADET - Launch of books 5 and 6 of the Road to Democracy Book Series (PDF)
19 March 2013 Commonwealth Conference on the Education and Training of Youth Workers – Welcome address (PDF)
14 March 2013 In Celebration of 140 years of Shaping Futures: OAU@50 and Beyond (PDF)
13 March 2013 Unisa BRICS International Symposium – Inaugural address (PDF)
17 February Commonwealth Youth Conference – Welcome address (PDF)
6 February Principal's Academic opening address (PDF)
6 December Academic closing ceremony (PDF)
24 November Convocation address (PDF)
31 October Founders Lecture - Closing notes (PDF)
31 October Founders Lecture - Welcome address (PDF)
11 October Chancellor's Dinner and Calabash Awards (PDF)
8 May Black Management Forum (PDF)
15 March Keynote address: Gala dinner, Research Awards ceremony (PDF)
7 March Welcome address: Staff assembly - presentation of the approved budget for 2012 (PDF)
16 February Opening address: Launch of the Unisa College of Education (PDF)
8 February Principal's Academic opening address (PDF)
31 January Speech by Prof Mandla Makhanya: Literature, Philosophy and African intellectuals: Dinner with and in honor of Prof Wole Soyinka (PDF)
27 January African Institutions, Intellectuals and Political Resiliency: Prospects and Implications for Africa's Futures (PDF)
19 January  Welcome Address: 11th Unisa international piano competition (PDF)
24 August Senate address (PDF)
4 July Keynote address and presentation, Ethical servant leadership at the University of South Africa (PDF)
4 July Welcome address: Principal's summit (PDF)
27 June Launch of the Unisa Charter on Transformation (PDF)
25 June Keynote address: Port Elizabeth Alumni breakfast (PDF)
9 June Congratulatory address: Long service awards (PDF)
8 June Congratulatory address: Top performers awards (PDF)
20 April University of The Witwatersrand Science Graduation (PDF)
24 March Unisa/Black Management Forum (PDF)
24 February UNESCO's memory of the world (PDF)
23 February Inauguration speech (PDF)
17 February Academic opening assembly (PDF)
16 February Inauguration and Investiture (PDF)
27 January National Press Club networking function (PDF)
6th December Academic closing ceremony (PDF)