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Public Administration and Management

Career opportunities

Public Administration does not only teach you about a specific field of study but also provides you with general life skills that can be successfully utilised in all fields of human activity, whether it be in the public or private sectors.

Although the subject is especially beneficial for those who want to follow a career in the public sector, it is important to note that the subject is also beneficial for those who want to follow a career in the private sector. The management skills, for example, can be applied with equal success in both the public and private sectors. Also, no matter what you do in the private sector, you will have contact with government and government institutions - therefore if you understand how government functions (a primary aspect of Public Administration) it will give you a considerable advantage in all your business dealings, whether with competitors from the private sector or with government itself.

Specific career opportunities

After studying Public Administration, careers in administration and management can be pursued in the following, among others, fields of human activity:

Public sector (at International, National, Provincial and Local government levels)

  • International affairs(United Nations, Africa Union, Southtern African Development Community)
  • National affairs (Education, Health, Commerce, Law enforcement, Defence, Finance,
    Transport, Environmental affairs etc)
  • Provincial affairs (Tourism, Nature conservation, Education, Health etc)
  • Municipal (Local Government) affairs (Municipal manager, Water and Electricity supply, 
    Roads, Town planning, Parks and Recreation etc)

Quasi-autonomous government institutions

Careers can also be followed in quasi-autonomous government institutions namely: research institutions, universities, development agencies, state parastatals(eg. Transnet, CSIR, Escom etc)

Private sector

Careers can be followed in all areas of the private sector.

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