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Public Administration and Management

About us

"We aim to be of service to all stakeholders and role-players in public administration as well as presenting the subject Public Administration by means of teaching, research and community service, with a view to making a positive contribution to the quality of life of all people, particularly those of Southern Africa."

About the subject

The question is often asked, "What is Public Administration about?" The answer to this question is simple: "Public Administration is the subject that studies the nature and practices of government".

To be more specific: Public Administration is

  • a fulfilling, topical and dynamic subject
  • a subject that provides you with an understanding of how public administration (the nature and practices of government) works
  • a subject that explains the dynamics of activities in the public sector
  • a subject that educates you for a career in the public sector (government)
  • a subject that enables you to link that which you have learnt to a specific employer at all spheres of government
  • a subject that enables you to draw comparisons with other government systems
  • a subject that equips you with professional, managerial, administrative and thinking skills to cope with the demands, challenges and crises in society

From the above-mentioned description you can clearly see that Public Administration is a truly exciting subject that deals with everyday issues that affect every person in society. If you feel that you want to make a contribution to improving the quality of life of every individual, and society in general, then you should study Public Administration - the subject for the future!