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Directorate: student development

Student development

This Directorate has three main focus areas:


1. Student governance

The university is committed to ensuring that a credible students' representative council (SRC) is elected at Unisa and that it functions effectively.

We therefore undertake to

  • implement legislative mandates, including the election of the SRC
  • provide logistical support to the SRC
  • facilitate SRC participation in governance
  • provide capacity development for student leaders
  • facilitate dialogue between students and Unisa management, academic departments, and so on

2. Social services

The wellbeing of all registered students is our concern. We will therefore attempt to assist students in the following ways wherever we can:

  • Counselling: We will provide support with regard to psycho-social challenges you may encounter as part of your learning experience. This support may include the identification of intervention areas and referrals to Unisa's Bureau of Counselling, Career and Academic Development. 
  • Health and wellness: We believe it is essential for you to be aware of health and wellness issues such as HIV and Aids, first aid, drug and substance abuse, and so on. Voluntary Counselling and Testing campaign at the Sunnyside and Johannesburg learning centres (PDF)
  • Development of life skills: We would like all our students to be employable and so will endeavour to provide interventions such as graduate development, stress management, job readiness, presentation skills, diversity management, communication skills and planning skills.

3. Training and development

Unisa follows an open and distance learning (ODL) model of tuition, which means that Unisa teaches in a different way to other universities. In this regard, we undertake to facilitate the continuous provision of quality training to students, to promote students' understanding of ODL, to facilitate the provision of community-oriented student empowerment interventions and the orientation of student leaders' institutional imperatives.

In other words, we want to help you to function effectively within the Unisa environment.