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last modified: 2011/09/21
Little Theatre

Welcome to the Little Theatre

Designed by acclaimed South African Architect, Norman Eaton, The UNISA Little Theatre is another embodiment of Eatonís characteristic Architectonic Modernism combined with an African interpretation. It is one of many buildings designed by Eaton showing similar African traits.
The Theatre has housed some prolific events in the last 20 years, many of which have been charity events. The Mahube HIV/AIDS benefit concert attended by Nelson Mandela in 2005, as part of the former presidents 87th birthday is the most notable.
The Theatre has hosted the finals of the annual Schoolís theatre competition of the Afrikaans Taal en Kultuur Vereniging (ATKV) in 2006.
The theatre is fully operational, and is considered as one of the most established Dance Theatres of South Africa, however it supports all fields of Performing Arts.
The UNISA Institute for African Renaissance Studies is a Post Graduate study centre for students studying through correspondence with UNISA.

Current known heritage status
The UNISA Little Theatre was declared Provincial Heritage site in 2004. It is protected by the the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act 25 of 1999). Any changes to the building structure/interior/name needs to be approved by the South African Heritage Resource Agency (SAHRA), and must comply with the stipulations defined in Act 25 of 1999.

Known interested and affected parties
UNISA, Theatre Institute of South Africa, State Theatre, African Renaissance, ATKV, Reach for A Dream
Prolific Buildings in area by Norman Eaton: Netherlands Bank Building, Pollyís Arcade, Wachthuis