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Discipline of Philosophy


South African Society for Greek Philosophy and the HumanitiesPhilosophy has an extensive presence on the internet, which can be used both for study and personal enrichment.

  • There are several resources dedicated to texts written by great Philosophers. See Texts.
  • There are electronic encyclopaedias available for browsing (usually free). See Research.
  • If you feel a desire to engage in philosophical debate with your peers, there are discussion groups you can join. There are sites of philosophical associations like the American Philosophical Association which give you an idea of the scope of professional philosophy in contemporary society. See Forums.
  • Then there are several good general sites which you can use to access more specialized sites in the philosophical field. Dedicated philosophical search engines are useful for tracking down specific topics on the web. See General.
  • A good resource for Philosophy on the internet can be found at:

What would you be able to do with your degree in Philosophy? The Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies of the British Higher Education Academy has developed a very useful guide relating to the employability of Philosophy graduates. This can be obtained online: