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Muziki : journal policy

Research into the music of African has for many years been concentrated in the American and European diaspora. It has further been characterised by the same divisions as music research elsewhere, be they between ethnomusicologists and musicologists, or theorists and historians. This journal wishes to establish a unified African voice for African music research. Through its juxtaposition of the historical and the theoretical, the indigenous, the popular and the ‘Western’, it intends to reflect the diversity of African musics and the research that they inspire. The journal features regular interviews with leading African musicians and composers, both resident on the continent and in the diaspora. Reviews of books, music and compact discs are also feature. Contributions dealing with any aspect of music on, or from, the African continent are welcomed.

The first issue (Vol. 1 No. 1, 2004) contained a wide variety of contributions, with articles ranging from thoughts on music in the ‘newer South Africa’, the indigenisation of Western military music in the Pedi turupa, religious Afro-American rap and Stravinsky’s visit to apartheid South Africa in the early 1960s, to the discussion of a unique 1572 pontifical held by the Unisa Library in Pretoria. We feature an interview with a Serbian composer resident in South Africa, as well as book and CD reviews. We intend our subsequent issues to be equally divers in their content and we invite researchers to submit contributions dealing with any aspect of music on, or from, the African continent.

Muziki replaced Ars Nova in 2004. Ars Nova was the departmental journal of the Department of Musicology from 1969 to 2003 (vol. 35). It contained many articles relating to South African music as well as the wider world of music.

There are two issues a year. Address orders for Muziki to: Business Section, Unisa Press, PO Box 392, Unisa 0003 Pretoria


South African: R80,00 (VAT and postage incl.)
Foreign: US$60,00 (airmail incl.)


South African: R60,00 (VAT and postage incl.)
Foreign: US$20,00 (airmail incl.)

Vol 35 (2003) of Ars Nova is still available from the Business Section at Unisa @ R25 locally or US$10 overseas.

Older issues of Ars Nova are also available at R8.20 each and may be ordered through our department from Mrs Louwrens at 012 429 6459 or send an email to