April 2012

In this issue, the spotlight falls on

Dear Alumnus

We sincerely thank you for your contributions to the March 2012 alumni e-news. We enjoyed reading the educational information you sent for the newsletter. Contributing your information to the publication adds to its success. This month’s sustainability theme is climate change and food security, which aims to address food security, availability and accessibility. Read more

Unisa's alumnus of the month

Community music development projectsThis month, the Unisa Alumni Office celebrates the achievement of Mr Christopher Mukoki who was recently awarded the title of "Boss of the Year 2011". We asked him a few questions about his life and what the title means to him. Read more

Climate change and food security

Increased number of graduates during Unisa's spring graduationsSouth Africa is generally classified as semi-arid and water stressed, and with the looming climate change this is expected to worsen. Variability and changes in seasonal rainfall will negatively affect agricultural production. Read more.

Graduate employability discussion forum

Community music development projectsGraduate employability has become a thorny issue globally, especially within the education sector and the labour market. And the question remains: Does a degree or diploma ensure employability? Read more

April 2012 Graduations

Increased number of graduates during Unisa's spring graduationsOn 2 April 2012, Unisa conferred a total of six doctoral degrees: Eddie Hurter, Trywell Kalusopa, Beatrice Achieng Odera Kwach, Rirhandzu Lilian Machaba, Julie Barbara Jane Reid and Diedre Bester. Megan Govender received his doctoral degree on 3 April 2012. Read more.

Your views on our news

Marilyn Aitken believes that South Africans still do not understand the connection between climate change and the garbage they produce, the electricity they use, the food they eat, the homes they build, their professions and the offices they work in, and the speed at which they drive their cars. Unisa graduates have the skills to bring about a radical change in the way Southern Africans think and behave. Read more

Mozambique breakfast meeting

Community music development projectsMr Armenio Ernest Langa was appointed as caretaker of the Mozambique Chapter during a recent breakfast meeting in Maputo, Mozambique. Read more

Unisa alumnus publishes novel

Community music development projectsKelvin Hulley is a Unisa alumnus who published a novel in January 2012. He studied political science through Unisa in the 1980s. Read more


Alumni and graduation calendars

Community music development projects As part of our goal to bring you up-to-date information on a regular basis, we provide you with the latest 2012 Alumni calendar and details on the 2012 autumn graduation ceremonies. Click here for the Alumni calendar and click here for the particulars of the autumn graduation ceremonies.

A degree of gratitude

Community music development projectsNow that you’ve graduated, here’s how you can honour your university.

Enjoy the advantages of a Unisa Silver or Gold Credit Card from Absa and Absa will pay a percentage of your card spend back to Unisa’s bursary fund, at no cost to you. Read more


Unisa Shop

Community music development projectsThe Unisa Shop sells university memorabilia, corporate gifts and Unisa clothing. The Alumni Shop is currently selling its products at graduation ceremonies, registration halls and alumni meetings. Click here to view online pictures of Unisa merchandise.

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Alumni Association

Unisa Alumni can join the Association by donating an annual fee, which is viewed as a donation and which comes with a tax certificate. Through such donations, the university is able to build and strengthen relationships with alumni, staff members and students. Such donations also enable the university to generate a sustainable income for various university initiatives.

Click here for more information and click here for the Unisa Alumni Association form.