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The Curriculum Development Innovation and Reform Summit 2013

Curriculum development professionals, lecturers, researchers, institutional designers, learning developers, education planners, policy makers and educational specialists gathered from the 24 -25 April 2013 at The Core, in Sunninghill, Johannesburg for the “The Curriculum Development Innovation and Reform Summit 2013”. They came to discuss what is happening in this field of specialization currently as well as what the emerging trends are in Curriculum Planning and Development in Africa and Internationally.  Curriculum Design, Diversity and Innovation, Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development; and Curriculum Innovation were their themes and perspectives which were used to address the issue of creating an Afrocentric Curriculum through Innovation, Strategies and Literacy.

“Designing the 21st century classroom and addressing the Learning Challenge” was the platform which allowed delegates to explore tools needed to successfully embed digital content into the curriculum. Also exploring how social media could be incorporated into the curriculum while recognising that there is an absence of the teacher’s voice in planning the curriculum. The reform processes taking place within the curriculum arena poses a challenge and this was highlighted during a debate and discussion. Leading experts who advised on latest strategies, challenges and developments pertaining to Curriculum Development, Innovation and Reform strategies, included Dr Azwi Tshivase, from Directorate of Curriculum and Learning Development, Unisa. He presented a paper entitled “Transforming teaching and learning in ODL environments in Africa in the context of curriculum development reform”. Curriculum development is a much debated concept where change is concerned. “The conference was a platform to unfold curriculum challenges and developments within the education sector” says Dr. G van den Berg, COD – Curriculum and Instructional Studies.

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