College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Presentation by Dr Mbajiorgu

Dr Chris Mbajiorgu

Dr Christian Anayochukwu Mbajiorgu, a senior lecturer in the Department of Agriculture and Animal¬† Health, made a presentation on 7 March 2013 at the Principal’s Roundtable on Ethics entitled “Does Unisa exercise its mandate to provide teaching and learning in a manner that may be described as ‘truly ethical’?”

In a nutshell,¬†Dr Mbajiorgu emphasised that two issues have stimulated his interest in the above topic. The first issue comes in the form of a question: “What norms govern teaching and learning at Unisa as an ODL institution?” The second issue deals with the principles of ethical university teaching. However, for the focus of this paper, Dr Mbajiorgu looked at what is meant by “truly ethical” and he aligned this to Unisa’s ethical values concerning teaching and learning , graduateness and service delivery to our primary customers – the students.


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