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The SBL and the Unisa Bloemfontein office held a breakfast talk and workshop in collaboration with the Bloemfontein Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 21 September 2006 at the Old Grey’s Sports Club in Bloemfontein. As a community service initiative by the Alumni Association of the SBL, the workshop addressed issues relating to gaining competitive advantage in the new economy as well as the impact of HIV/AIDS in small business. The workshop engaged business leaders, governmental units and the community in providing solutions towards enhancing and protecting conditions that are conducive to good business locally.

Presentations were delivered by Mr Nape Khomo, Executive President of the BCCI, who gave an overview of Bloemfontein’s local Chamber of Commerce and Mr Nathan Molusi, the Regional Director of the Midlands Region gave on overview and functionings of the UNISA Bloemfontein office. Ms Manuela Sanchez, the SBL Director for Business Development, Marketing and Communications enlightened the audience on the SBL’s achievements and current projects.


The highlights included the worshop facilitated by Mr Greg Dalton, a senior lecturer in accounting at the SBL. He gave a presentation on how to read an Income Statement and Balance Sheet in 30 minutes and he also provided statistics and the latest information regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS on operating costs, stakeholder interaction, employee attitudes and productivity within small businesses.


Mr Andreas de Beer, a tutor at the Unisa College of Management and Economic Science facilitated a workshop on “The role of the Entrepreneur in the new economy”. He highlighted facts such as understanding the new economy, capitalizing on the most precious resources of an organization such as skills, wisdom and relations.

“Globalisation and the internet are driving massive change in the world of management. Collaborations across boundaries are necessary to serve the customer by involving the customer to capitalize on ideas outside the traditional company boundaries, “says Mr de Beer. He also stressed that it has become necessary to look out for new ideas and willingness to take risks.


The delegates truly enjoyed the informal way in which the presentations were offered.

From left: Mr M Khomo (President BCCI), Mr Nathan Molusi (UNISA Regional Director Midlands Region), Ms Manuela Sanchez (SBL Director for Business Development, Marketing & Communication), Mrs Deanna Vogét (SBL Alumni Relations Manager), Messrs Greg Dalton and Andreas de Beer (both guest speakers)

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