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Unisa online - CSET at Science tuBE in Kuruman

Busi Zwane (CSET Assistant) explaining how CSET at Unisa works

The College of Science, Engineering & Technology (CSET) being a great supporter of science innovations and encouraging the youth in South Africa, were part of the 2012 Science tuBE exhibition held from 23 to 26 April 2012. 

With an invitation to attend the first ever science exhibition in Kuruman, CSET took up the challenge and headed to the Northern Cape, not only to promote science and further study, but, also to promote the Mothibistad Science Centre which was opened last year in November.

Many exhibitors were present, encouraging learning beyond borders, and learners in Grades 6 to 12 from all around Kuruman and Mothibistad attended.

Tega Oghedo (PostGrad student: Mathematics) demonstrating the MathsEdge game

Science tuBE is an initiative concerning African Youth Development in Science which seeks to break borders between science and community by rebuilding a culture of learning beyond limits. Science tuBE is involved in organising Science and Technology (S&T) festivals in Limpopo Province and is now expanding to other Provinces.

The learners were encouraged by Granny Moatshi to not only be listeners but also to be innovators for themselves and the community, for everything that they see is Science. She told them to take ownership of their education, be disciplined and to take the opportunities which are waiting for them and explore. 

Dr Eric Mosekene spoke to the Grade 12 learners about applying early to study at a university to avoid the chaos that took place earlier this year. He told them never to stop learning, and to take the theme of the 2012 Science tuBE: Breaking borders between Science and Community by building a culture of learning beyond limits, and apply it to their lives, to use the resources given to them and break new ground, and to travel the world because of their innovations and study.

For more information on Science tuBe, visit their website:

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