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media releases - Walk-in registrations no longer accepted


The University of South Africa has now come to the close of the first week of student registrations for the new academic year of 2009.

Earlier in 2008 the University announced that a new registration process was to be introduced for 2009. The purpose of the new registration process was to ensure that all first-time Unisa students applied in advance, applications were processed, and counselling offered ahead of the finalization of their registration.

Towards that end the University invested in excess of R200m to put up a custom-made building and registration facility at its Sunnyside Campus with computer-aided self-help stations. Staff were trained to implement the new registration process and additional advisors as well as other support staff were hired for this purpose. The same process was introduced at all the University’s regional facilities where registrations take place.

While the process which began on 8 December 2008 has generally been implemented successfully, there are a number of matters that the University has had to attend to. Owing to the higher than anticipated numbers of students who qualify for university entrance, a larger than usual number of students are now seeking admission to Unisa. Second, notwithstanding the extensive publicity and information campaigns undertaken last year, we still have large numbers of students who want to register at Unisa for the first time without having completed the pre-registration process. As a result this has clogged the system to an unexpected extent. Therefore the new registration process will have to be refined.

The University regrets that large numbers of applicants have had to wait their turn and stand in long queues. Indeed, this new registration process was designed to overcome precisely such problems. Daily Unisa management is attending to this situation and making adjustments as necessary. We wish to assure the public that everything is being done to improve the University’s new process of registrations.

Finally, Unisa wishes to announce that as previously stated the University will no longer accept for registration any student who presents himself/herself for registration without having completed the necessary pre-registration procedure. Walk-in registrations will no longer be accepted after Friday 9 January 2009. Only those first-time students who have already been issued with a student number by the Central Applications Office, will be able to register. We request that other students who did not apply and have no student number do not present themselves at any Unisa registration facility, as it simply inconveniences all the students who have followed the correct procedure.

Unisa remains committed to providing its students with a smooth registration experience.

Prof N Barney Pityana
Pretoria, 9 January 2009.

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