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Research & Innovation Week 2014

Dr Mpho Dichaba

Mpho Dichaba (DEd, North-West University) is a senior lecturer in the College of Education at the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Dr Dichaba’s area of specialisation is in Adult Education and her research interests include Adult Education, Youth Development, Rural Education and the Professional Development of Teachers.

Prior to joining Unisa, she was a programme advisor and lecturer at North West University (Mafikeng Campus) and a senior teacher at Barolong High School in the North West Province). She has served as a field-worker, researcher and a trainer in many projects, including the mapping and auditing e-learning resources in an Open Distance Learning (ODL) environment such as Unisa. Throughout her education and career, Dr Dichaba has shown tremendous perseverance in her love for learning and done much to share that passion with others.

She has published articles in a number of accredited local and international journals.


DEd, MEd, BEd (Hons), BA(Ed).


Adult Education.


  • Expanded Public Works Project (EPWP) (North West province).
  • Unisa 500 schools (Orange Free State province).
  • Continuous Professional Teacher Preparation for Early-Childhood Development (ECD) teachers (North West province).
  • KhaRiGude (Let us Learn).

Selected publications

Lineo, J and Dichaba, M. 2013. The Impact of Social Grants on Rural Women: Perspectives from ABET Practitioners. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Vol 4, No 13, November 2013.

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Van den Berg, G and Dichaba, MM. 2013. Real-life experiences during teaching and learning: Three South African teachers’ narratives. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(3), 471-478 September 2013.

Motlhabane, A and Dichaba, M. 2013. Andragogical Approach to Teaching and Learning Practical Work in Science: A Case of In-service Training of Teachers: Int J EduSci, 5(3), 201-207.

Pitsoe, VJ and Dichaba, MM. 2013. Cultural hegemony in open distance learning: Does it really matter. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(6), 83 -90, July 2013.

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Dichaba, MM. 2013. Adult Basic Education Teachers’ Experiences about the Cascade Model of Training: An Appreciative Inquiry. Int J EduSci, 5(1), 29-38.

Dichaba, MM. 2013. The Perspectives of In-service Trainers on the Challenges of the Cascade Model. Anthropologist, 15(3), 265-275.

Dichaba, MM and Mokhele, ML. 2012. Does the Cascade Model Work for Teacher Training? Analysis of Teachers’ Experiences. Int J EduSci, 4(3), 249-254.