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Second biennial interdisciplinary conference: Home

Second biennial international interdisciplinary conference: "Home"

Date: 7-11 September 2014
Venue: Kwa Maritane Lodge (Pilanesberg Game Reserve and Heritage Site), North-West Province, South Africa
Department of English Studies, College of Human Sciences, University of South Africa

The successful conference on "Memory" held in Pretoria, in March 2012, inaugurated a series of biennial international conferences organised by the Department of English Studies, Unisa. The Department takes great pleasure in announcing the next conference, around the theme of "Home", which will take place in September 2014.

Point of both literal and symbolic birth, growth, death, and the clearest referent for departure and return, the idea of "home" has accrued, from antiquity to our time, a wealth of diverse connotations in literature, language and numerous other fields of knowledge.

In the present era of world-wide travels, but also of migrations, expulsions, deportations and deracinations of various kinds, "home" has taken on a renewed significance, even when it is viewed with postmodern scepticism as a mythical point of origin that cannot fully be regained. This nexus of intersecting, overlapping and superimposed meanings provides the conceptual centre for an international and interdisciplinary conference on "home", during which we hope to enable participants to engage in a stimulating dialogue involving multiple perspectives on this theme.