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Mercantile Law


Compulsory Commercial Law courses for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences 

Commercial Law 1

  • South African legal system, introduction to the theory of law, the principles of the law of contract (CLA101-S) 
           Course coordinator: Professor Tukishi Manamela
  • Special contracts, law of agency, forms of business enterprise, security, alternative dispute resolution, competition law, franchising (CLA104-V)
           Course coordinator: Professor Ernest Manamela

Commercial Law 2

  • General principles of company law, the law of close corporations and partnerships (CLA201-V)
          Course coordinator: Mrs Mildred Bekink
  • Negotiable instruments and other methods of payment, administration of estates, trusts, insolvency (CLA202-W) 
          Course coordinator: Mr Eesa Fredericks
                                         Ms Anthea Wagener

Corporate Procedures (CPR201W) 
       Course coordinator: Ms Mpakwana Mthembu

Law for Bankers (LFB3701, LFB3702) 
       Course coordinator: Mr Phil Makakaba                                              

Law for Credit Managers (LFC3701, LFC3702) 
       Course coordinator: Mr Ren van Niekerk

Individual Labour Law (LLW201-S) 
       Course coordinator: Dr Mpfari Budeli

Collective Labour Law (LLW202-T)
      Course coordinator: Prof Ernest Manamela

Compulsory Mercantile Law courses for BCom (with Specialisation in Law) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students

Elective Mercantile Law courses for Bachelor of Laws (LLB) students

These elective advanced mercantile law courses are offered to students studying towards the LLB degree:

Elective commercial law courses for Master of Laws (LLM) students

Specialist Master of Laws (LLM) degrees

The Department offers the following specialist LLM degrees:

  • LLM with Specialisation in Banking Law
  • LLM with Specialisation in Commercial Law
  • LLM with Specialisation in Corporate Law
  • LLM with Specialisation in Insurance Law
  • LLM with Specialisation in Intellectual Property Law
  • LLM with Specialisation in Labour Law
  • LLM with Specialisation in Tax Law

    Specialist non-formal programmes

    Through the Centre for Business Law, the Department offers specialist non-formal programmes in the following fields: