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Database licencing and access restrictions on all electronic resources, including course material

The following access restrictions apply :

Access (on-campus and remotely) is restricted to currently registered Unisa students & staff only. You will be required to identify yourself with your  Unisa staff login and network password or Unisa student number and myUnisa password before access will be granted. If permitted by the individual licence agreement, access to non-registered members of the public (walk-in users) may be allowed in terms of Unisa Library Admissions Policy Annexure B.

The following basic copyright and usage restrictions apply : 

  • You may make only one print or electronic copy of a full-text article for your own research and study - any further copying or distribution of material is illegal
  • Databases may only be used for personal study, research, and teaching
  • You may not systematically download, print or retain substiantial parts or complete issues of any parts of any database or journal title
  • Databases may not be copied, sold or used for commercial gain
  • The use of software, including scripts, agents or robots (such as website crawlers or offline browsers) to systematically download content is prohibited and may result in loss of access to resources for the entire Unisa community.
  • You may not remove or alter authors' names, publishers copyright notices or any other means of proprietary identification as they appear in the database or journal
  • You may not distribute any part of a database to a non-authorised user
  • You may not mount or distribute any part of a database on any electronic network.

The following access limits may be applicable on specific database titles :

  • Only to a limited number of users at one time (e.g. 1 or 10)
  • Only from a single computer (not over a network or via the Internet)
  • Only from computers that are on campus or in the library
  • Only from one campus or one library branch
  • Only to students and staff from a specific school or faculty
  • Only to postgraduate students and staff.

The Library's web access management software controls access to databases in accordance with the licence restrictions.

You are personally accountable in accordance with the Unisa Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism Policy for respecting copyright and licensing requirements. Violation of any of these restrictions could result not only in loss of your own access, but loss of access for the entire Unisa community. Disciplinary action may also be taken in terms of any applicable policy or disciplinary code such as the Unisa Students' Disciplinary Code.

Full information about all policies and codes are available in the Unisa Calendar Part 1, General Information and Rules, under relevant sections, or online at:

For further questions about conditions of use or other licensing restrictions, contact :