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Undergraduate & honours studies

Is Unisa right for me?

Take some time to make sure that your decision to study at Unisa is the right one, and that you are prepared for this exciting and challenging journey. We advise that you work through all the sections below before you apply for admission.

Is Unisa for right for me?Unisa is changing. Prepare for the change.

Unisa is changing and is in the process of implementing a few new initiatives that will affect you: you must apply for admission for each new qualification even if you already have a student number, and you must prepare yourself for the digital age both in terms of your education and the workplace. Read more.

Choose a careerWhat is Open Distance eLearning (ODeL)?

Open distance learning means that you are largely responsible for your own learning. If you are an independent learner, love reading and writing, and are comfortable using a computer and the internet, open distance learning is just what you need. Read more.

Apply for admission The Unisa journey

We've developed the Unisa Student Walk to help you understand the processes you need to follow at Unisa. Read more.

RegisterStudent services & support

As an open distance learning university, there is not much face-to-face contact between Unisa and our students. Nonetheless, our students come first and we provide many services to support you during your Unisa journey, such as our libraries, counselling services, regional centres and various student bodies. Read more.

RegisterWatch my Studies @ Unisa videos

Watch some of our videos to help you decide whether or not Unisa - and open distance learning - is right for you.

 Watch videos.