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Undergraduate & honours studies

Science Foundation Provision

The purpose of Science Foundation Provision is to improve the success rate in science programmes and hence increase the throughput of our science students.

Science Foundation Provision provides additional learning support in the qualifications and modules which are indicated in Tables 1, 2 and 3 contained within the Science Foundation Provision document (PDF). This support is provided in the form of tutorials within each module, and in the form of mentorship and assistance in English language, mathematics, information and computer literacies. Foundation provision does not change the curriculum in your qualification; all students registered for a qualification go through the same curriculum, and obtain the same qualification, the difference being the additional learning support that is provided at the 1st level modules.

This supplementary learner support is provided to you as an SFP student at no additional cost.

Benefits of participating in Science Foundation Provision

If you are in Science Foundation Provision, you have access to a range of learning support interventions. For you to benefit fully though, you will need to put in some extra effort into your studies. You can do this by simply taking advantage of all the additional support activities that we will provide for you.

Upon registration for a science qualification, you will immediately be linked to an e-tutor who will mentor you and provide academic support. You will have access to special tutorial sites for each Science Foundation module on Unisa’s electronic learning platform, the myUnisa, where you will interact with the e-tutor and with other students enrolled for the same subject.

Subject to availability, you can also request a face-face tutor at a Unisa Learning Centre of your choice.

Read more in the Science Foundation Provision document (PDF)