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College of Law

Research in the College of Law

Bio-technology and Medical Law Dispute Resolution in Africa, Social Security Crime Studies, Criminal Framework for Community Safety ODL International Journal of Law, Society and Development (Multi-, inter- and transdiciplinarity)

College of Law

  • Spearheaded by the Department of Jurisprudence

College of Law

  • Institute for Dispute Resolution in Africa: College of Law

School of Criminal Justice: College of Law

  • Institute for Crime Studies: School of Criminal Justice
College Research Committee College of Law
  • To provide expertise and undertake research on medical law issues
  • Target audience:  Medical practitioners, traditional healers, and communities
  • Create an avenue for the interrogation of tools  necessary to redress effects of wars and national conflicts
  • Provide research support and capacity building 
  • To work closely with societies on issues relating to social grants and alleviation of poverty initiatives in communities
  • Act as a think-tank for crime studies and strategies in Africa (Going through approval processes)
  • To provide a criminal justice framework to communities through safety projects and alternative best practices
  • Supports the University’s pedagogical and operational framework
  • Central to the College’s Tuition activities
  • Supports the University’s goal of increasing innovative research, research capacity and inculcating MIT