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International Conference: Law & Criminal Justice and M-I-T

Abstract Submission Guidelines

International Conference: Law & Criminal Justice and Multi-Inter-Transdisciplinary (M-I-T) Research 13-15 August 2012

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Submission deadline date:

  • The deadline for submitting your abstract: 16th APRIL 2012.

Beat the deadline with an EARLY submission and registration.

With the abstract please provide the following information:

Title of paper: (should clearly and succinctly reflect the paper's content); presenting authorís title and full name and surname; institutional/ organisational affiliation; department and position; Tel/cell no. e-mail address. Any co-authorís name/s with same information as required above. (See Abstract Form on website).

Provide an abstract (in MSWord) of approx. 300 words (text only excluding title and author information). In the abstract please give an indication of the following aspects:

Brief outline of the aim of the paper, i.e. summarise the paper's arguments and key findings - it should not merely be an introduction. Papers which are primarily empirical in nature should clearly outline the research methods employed and the key themes to emerge, i.e. research focus, research methods used to collect information, summary of main findings, value of research for the criminal justice system. (Please do not include any detailed graphs or tables in the abstract). If practitioner based paper outline of impact, practical application of measures implemented, etc.

If it is a work-in-progress or based on current post-graduate studies please indicate as such.

Authors may submit more than one abstract, but the organising committee reserves the right to accept only one of these if there are insufficient spaces available on the program.

As soon as your abstract has been received it will be submitted to the Conference Scientific Committee for review and you will be notified of its acceptance/non-acceptance in due course.

The submission of your abstract does not indicate automatic inclusion in the Conference Program. However, it is an acknowledgement (if accepted) of your consent to the publication of the abstract on the website and in the abstract handbook on the CD provided to all delegates on arrival. In addition, it also indicates acceptance of publication (if selected) in a peer evaluated/refereed Conference Proceedings Publication

Furthermore, submission of the abstract and its acceptance also obligates you to submit the full text paper to the conference organisers by 31 July 2012 for inclusion in the CDRom of all papers to be presented to the conference.

Abstract receipt and acceptance will be acknowledged to the person submitting the abstract. Further communication will be with the submitting author only unless otherwise directed.