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A to Z guide - resources and procedures


It is essential that you read this section in conjunction with the full set of rules in the my Registration @ Unisa brochure to ensure that you are aware of all the rules as they apply to Unisa examinations. All Unisa students must comply with these rules.

Your examination centre

During registration you confirmed your examination centre – this information can also be viewed on myUnisa. It is important to remember that all examinations in one examination period must be written at this centre unless you apply, in writing, to Unisa to change the venue. Your request will then be assessed and Unisa will confirm whether it is possible to change your venue (this will depend on availability and venue capacity). This can be done via myUnisa.

Please note the following important dates:

If Unisa needs to change your examination centre you will be notified by:

  • 15 April for the May/June semester examinations
  • 15 September for the October/November examinations
  • 15 December for the January/February examinations

You must check your final examination centre on your timetable, as it may have changed.

If you want to change your examination venue you must apply before:

  • 31 March for the May/June examinations
  • 31 August for the October/November examinations
  • 15 November for the January/February examinations

You can do this:

  • via myUnisa
  • via e-mail ( (your student number must appear in the subject heading)
  • SMS (43584)
  • via fax (012 4294150)

The most important examination rules

  • You must be seated 15 minutes before the start time of the examination. If you are late you will not be allowed to enter the examinaton venue, so please factor in enough time to travel to your exam centre. Allow for unexpected traffic delays. If you can, take a “test trip” to the examination centre to see how long it actually takes you to get there.
  • You must have your student card and ID book, driver’s licence or valid passport with you at each examination.

Examination timetable

The preliminary dates for all examinations can be found in the examination timetable or on myUnisa. Please check the final timetable as there might be date changes – Unisa will only do this if absolutely unavoidable.

Your final examination timetable will be posted to you approximately one month before the commencement of the examination period. You can also find the final timetable on myUnisa. It will contain the following information:

  • a list of the study units for which you have gained admission to the examination and your final examination dates
  • a list of the study units (if any) for which you have not gained admission to the examination.
  • examination centre address and examination venue details (not contained in your provisional timetable)
  • general instructions

Please contact the university immediately if you have not received your final examination timetable two weeks prior to the examination date(s):
Fax: 012 429 4150 E-mail: (student number must appear in the subject heading)

Examination periods

Unisa’s official examination periods are

  • January/February
  • May/June
  • October/November

Examination results

You can access your examination results in the following way, after the official publication date:

  • View your results by logging onto myUnisa
  • Call 083 1234
  • By sending the following message via SMS to the MTN number 083 1421 0119 (Results [space]+student number)

Your results will also be posted to you.

If you have not received your results, please check that all outstanding fees have been paid and that you have no outstanding library books, as this will result in your results not being made available to you.

Enquiries regarding examination results

If you have any enquiries regarding your examination results, please contact the university within a period of three months from the date of release of your examination results. If the university has not heard from you within this period, it will regard all results as correct and complete.

Final-year students

A student in his or her final year of study who has one or two modules outstanding to complete a qualification may qualify for assistance in terms of the Policy to assist students to complete a qualification. The student must have written and failed the modules in the last official examination. The university reserves the right to award or decline the special assessment opportunity based on the student’s formative and last summative assessment.

Supplementary examinations

Most undergraduate modules provide for two opportunities to write the examination – either a supplementary or aegrotat/special examination. Should your module only provide for one examination opportunity, you will not qualify for a supplementary or aegrotat/special examination. Should a supplementary examination be granted and you are unable to write the examination, you will not be able to apply for an aegrotat/special examination.

  • Supplementary examinations may be granted provided you received a sub-minimum of 40% in the examination.
  • Some modules, however, do not make provision for supplementary examinations – this information will be included in your Tutorial letters 101.
  • If you qualify for a supplementary examination you will be notified when you receive your results.
  • If you fail your supplementary examinations, you will need to re-register for the relevant module.
  • A student’s year mark is not taken into consideration when calculating the final result for a supplementary examination.

Aegrotat and special examinations

If you were prevented from writing your first examination opportunity (in cases where a second examination opportunity exists), due to illness or other extenuating personal circumstances, you may apply to Unisa for a special or aegrotat examination. Aegrotat or special examinations may be granted for the following reasons:

  • If you are ill on or before your examination date – provided you have a valid medical certificate specifying the start date, nature and length of the illness and stating that it was not possible for you to sit for your examination
  • Extenuating personal circumstances –  such as work commitments, serious illness or death of a relative during the examination period, provided that satisfactory evidence of such circumstances is produced (see below) You must apply within 10 days of the original examination date. Please note that a valid application must include a completed application form or letter of motivation, supporting documentation and proof of payment.

Applications can be submitted

  • via fax (012 429 4150)
  • e-mail ( (your student number must appear in the subject heading)
  • post (PO Box 392, Unisa, 0003)

Please keep copies of your application and follow up to ensure that Unisa has received your request.

Re-marks and re-checks

  • You may apply to have your examination answer book remarked or rechecked
  • The criteria for remarking is an examination result of 35% to 49% and 68% to 74% (final results)
  • Details will appear on the reverse-side of your original examination result sheet
  • The process and closing date for such applications will appear on the reverse side of your original examination result sheet
  • Please note the fee for re-marks and re-checks which must be paid along with the application

Purchase of examination answer books

You may apply to purchase a copy of your examination answer book. The cost is R35,00 plus 60c per photocopied page. A payment of R50,00 will cover the cost of 25 photocopied pages. Only photocopied copies are available and are sent via registered mail or e-mail once the application has been approved. Once approved, it takes approximately 14 days for a copy of the answer book to be sent. Note that question papers and model answers/memoranda are not included.

If you would like to purchase a copy of your examination answer book, please apply in writing for a copy of the prescribed application form via: