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College of Human Sciences

School of Social Sciences 

The School of Social Sciences at Unisa came into being in July 2011. This new school consists of six dynamic departments and offers the full spectrum of degrees from bachelors to doctoral degrees. These six departments are:

The School comprises of the following departments: 

At undergraduate and honours levels the six social sciences focus on delivering graduates that can make a difference to the socio-political environment within which they live and work. The graduates are knowledgeable, reflective, critical and analytical. Common themes in the study of these disciplines include the elimination of poverty and exclusion; reducing inequalities in society; following people-centered and participatory approaches in engaging with communities; producing graduates with strong leadership capabilities; graduates who can provide quality health care and who can develop effective social protection and welfare services and who can both analyse and develop national and regional policies.

At masterís and doctoral levels students are required to conduct solid research focusing on one of the many areas offered by the disciplines ranging from the politics of Africa to social behavioural change in HIV and Aids to public health. The School of Social Sciences also welcomes research that is multi-, inter- or trans-disciplinary. The School hosts four accredited academic journals and the Department of Psychology has established a journal that provides a safe environment for young scholars to hone their research and publishing careers.

Apart from formal qualifications, the School also offers various short-learning programmes through its centers. The Department of Development Studies hosts the Centre for Development Studies, while the Departments of Health Studies, Sociology and Social Work host Tirisano Centre. The Centres also offer opportunities for community engagement and practice-oriented research. The Department of Social Work has developed  an extensive community engagement project known as Bright Side, which also offers the opportunity for senior students to engage with practice.

The academic and administrative staff in the various departments that comprise the School of Social Sciences are committed to supporting students at all levels and to achieving academic excellence.