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UNISA Centre for Early Childhood Education (UCECE)

UNISA Centre for Early Childhood Education (UCECE)

Early Learning Centre at Unisa Sunnyside Campus falls under new College of EducationThe Unisa Early Childhood Education Centre (UCECE) on Sunnyside campus is based under the umbrella of the new College of Education (CEDU).

UCECE is a centre of excellence for Early Childhood Education and Inclusive Education.

UCECE provides the best pre-school education possible in an ideal, healthy, friendly, stimulating, and a tolerant environment.

The centre will encourage participation of a child and has a curriculum that will cater for ALL children’s learning, developmental needs in order to reach their full potential.  UCECE will also act as a research site for improving Early Childhood Education in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

UCECE is a centre of excellence by means of:

  • Evidence-based preschool classroom practises
  • Preschool programmes – inclusive setting – play based curriculum
  • Speech Therapy  and Occupational Therapy coordinated with classroom programmes
  • Offer diagnostic assessment and treatment services
  • Location for undergraduate student training
  • Provide community training and technical assistance
  • Individual consultation to ECD teachers, families
  • Presentations at ECD conferences and workshops etc.
  • Advisory group membership
  • Research and evaluation, research-to-practice activities