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Journal of Financial Sciences

Journal of Financial Sciences

ISSN 2223-8514

Mission and objectives

The Journal of Financial Sciences (JFS) is an on-line journal for sharing insightful and original research and promoting academic discourse about all aspects of finance, ranging from banking, financial management, insurance, investments, risk management, to governance, risk and compliance management.

The focus is on academic discourse dealing with ways of improving the profitability and value of firms, enhancing their sustainability, improving efficiency and effectiveness, productivity, governance, risk and compliance management, as well as ways of evaluating investments. The journal therefore also considers articles from the fields of financial accounting, management accounting, taxation, auditing, actuarial and decision sciences.

Scope of the journal

In this context, the journal is devoted to advancing the body of knowledge of finance and financial services sciences and its application with respect to substantive aspects in any sector of the economy and from anywhere in the world.

Articles published in this journal must take a quantitative approach and all articles are required to reflect rigorous structured research and analysis built on a solid review of the relevant theory. Existing literature must be fully referenced. Empirical work must be based on scientific methods, sampling procedures (if applicable) and incorporate appropriate statistical analysis.


The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts by academics, researchers and practitioners. The criteria for acceptance of articles are based on outstanding scientific quality and should bear testimony of insight by the author into the nature and objective of the research, the relevant literature and other scientific sources. The research methods and techniques must be relevant to the particular research, and the author must illustrate that he or she is able to evaluate and interpret the research results correctly. The presentation and style should be of a high standard. The journal follows a double blind peer review process.


The Journal of Financial Sciences is not accredited with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training yet.