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Employment at Unisa

Learning and development at Unisa

Education is at the heart of the Unisa experience, not only for students but for all our staff members.  Human Resources offers a wide range of opportunities designed to improve your knowledge, skills, attitudes values and overall success. The range of training and development opportunities include:

  • Professional development
  • Managerial and Career development
  • Leadership development
  • Technical training e.g. Computer courses, satellite training, business writing skills, etc.
  • Specialized training e.g. Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Project Management, etc.
  • Online Training courses e.g. Ethics online program
  • Flagship programs e.g. Young Academics, Building Tomorrow’s Leaders
  • Scholarship Plan, e.g.  Mentorship & Coaching Programs
  • Executive Management & Leadership Programs

Unisa prides itself in being a learning institution which is committed to life-long learning.  This commitment is demonstrated through subsidizing various learning and development opportunities for all staff members in the institution.  These initiatives include:

  • Providing study assistance benefits for formal qualifications not only at Unisa but also at any other recognized local or international institutions.
  • Providing study leave once registered for a formal qualification.
  • Providing financial study assistance for dependants of staff members registered for formal qualifications at Unisa or at any other institution.
  • Encourages continuous staff development by providing adequate financial assistance for external course attendance.