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Directorate for Counselling & Career Development


What career options could I consider with a legal degree?

  • If you are interested in finding out more about careers in the legal field, including that of attorney, advocate and legal advisor, you could read more in the Career guide to the legal profession available on the Law Society of South Africa website (PDF 140 kb)
  • If you want to explore career options in the justice system, download this (PDF 3MB) brochure.
  • If you are interested in qualifying as an advocate, more information is available on the General Council of the Bar of South Africa’s website.
  • More information about careers in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development is available here:
  • Do research about options in law by reading more about a career in law online, as well as in printed publications such as newspapers.
  • Talk to a range of individuals who work within the field to get diverse views on any aspects that you still feel curious about. Approach this task by thinking of questions you would want to ask an individual and then conducting informational interviews to find the information that you need. The website could also be useful in terms of identifying practicing legal practitioners across South Africa in a diverse range of specialisation areas. 
  • Get involved! If you are not currently volunteering at a community organisation, think about doing so. Volunteering is an effective way for you to gain practical experience and develop work-related skills, as well as networking with practitioners in your area of interest. Visit the Greater Good South Africa website at for more information about volunteer opportunities in your area and field of interest.

What is the difference between the LLB and a BCom Law?

  • The LLB degree is a structured law degree that consists of mainly legal subjects. It is the minimum requirement for most legal professions (including advocate and attorney).
  • The BCom Law consists of a combination of legal subjects (specifically Private- and Mercantile Law) together with your choice of a second major. It is usually completed by individuals who are interested in a specific field in business (for example, human resources, economics, auditing or management), but who also wishes to have a background in law. An LLB should be completed after the BCom Law should you wish to qualify as an attorney or advocate.

Where can I get more information about completing practical training during or after my LLB degree? (for those who want to qualify as advocates or attorneys)?

  • Start researching options when you start with your degree. The General Council of the Bar or the Law Society of South Africa provides more information on their websites about the requirements.
  • Contact legal practitioners in your area to start enquiring about the possibility of vacation work while you are studying.

Further research

Explore more ways of doing career research.