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Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

TMALI students

The Patron of TMALI, Thabo Mbeki, believes that students occupy a special place in our African society. This is not only because they constitute an important part of our youth but also because they constitute an important addition to the intelligentsia of our continent. Hence he has taken the decision to dedicate part of his "retirement" to paying particular attention to African youth and young intellectuals, to share with them his own experiences of leadership and contribute to the effort to enable them to acquire the relevant skills that the continent sorely needs if it is to claim the 21st century as an African century. 
While he regrets what he calls the "parlous state of many African universities", Mbeki nevertheless believes that higher education institutions in Africa, such as Unisa and other universities throughout Africa, have a vital role to play in bringing about the rebirth of the continent.

TMALI students will include:

  • professionals in different fields
  • members of different political parties and formations
  • civil servants and civil society activists
  • women and gender activists
  • students and youth
  • spiritual/religious leaders and activists

Attributes of TMALI graduates

  • A strong sense of African identity (Afro centrism as a tool towards mental liberation and emancipation)
  • Possessing the best attributes of an authentic African leadership
  • Empowered to act as organisers and catalysts for change for Africa’s renewal
  • Empowered to become global citizens
  • A commitment to serve humanity