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Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

Unique focus of TMALI programmes

We assume that those who will seek to study under the programmes that will be provided by TMALI will do so because they will expect that these programmes will empower them to emerge as African change agents. These programmes should therefore have at least two distinctive features, namely:

  1. An "Mbeki imprint", that is, the assertion of the viability of the African Renaissance, the possibility for Africa to claim the 21st century, and the communication of the message to all Africans that "yes we can".
  2. An unequivocal rooting on African reality, past and present, which should both expand the students’ knowledge of Africa and focus them on the transformation of African reality.

TMALI programmes will therefore do the following:

  1. Expose students to the vision projected by Africans over time, including the African Diaspora, on all of the TMALI study areas, and allow space for the students to make a critical assessment of such "vision statements". 
  2. Position the various official positions adopted by the OAU and the AU over the years as the starting point of the definition of what needs to be done to achieve Africa’s Renaissance. The latter will enable students to understand, make a critical assessment and help evolve implementation programmes to realise the objectives spelt out in the African treaties, conventions, acts, protocols and declarations which constitute the large corpus of agreed upon continental policies on a great variety of matters.