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Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute

Purpose of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute (TMALI)

To invest in and liberate new thought leaders for Africa’s rejuvenation in the 21st century and beyond in order to:

  • contribute to the ongoing process of the development of leadership on the continent
  • contribute to the resolution of the persistent problem of African under-development 
  • contribute towards (re)building African institutions in the areas of politics, commerce, trade, culture, investment, among others
  • contribute towards policy development on critical challenges facing the continent

Investing in thought leaders for African’s renewal 

Mission statement
To become the centre of choice for research, teaching, learning and dialogue by African thought leaders to advance the African Renaissance

Key study areas:

  • Deconstructing the vision for Africa’s renewal
  • African ownership of its policy agenda
  • Governance and responsibility to ensure African peace, stability and development
  • Africa’s economic and political integration
  • Trade and investment for Africa’s advancement
  • African resource management for sustainable development
  • Harnessing science and technology for Africa’s advancement 
  • African women and information and communication technology
  • Gender mainstreaming and social justice for Africa’s renewal
  • Media and freedom of the press for Africa’s advancement
  • Social entrepreneurship


  • A shift in paradigm regarding how Africans view themselves and how they are viewed by others
  • Development of high- quality scholarship and research on African issues
  • African contribution to global issues
  • African political rebirth and development