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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

NRF Rated Researchers

In the college of Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET), huge emphasis is placed on enhancing research capacity and developing a pipeline of researchers for these critical industry sectors. CSET is committed to this development in support of Unisa’s strategy and the national imperative.

We are therefore pleased to report that five new NRF ratings were bestowed on academics within the College, bringing the total number of NRF rated researchers to 23. Prof Hugo Lotriet received a rating of C3, Both Prof Srinivasu Vallabhapurapu and Prof Susan Van Aard received a rating of C2 and Dr Simon Dhlamini with Y2

Name Rating Expiry Gender Race
1. Prof Maritjie Frick B3 2017 Female White
2. Prof Themba Dube C1 2016 Male Black

3.Prof Moritz Braun

C2 2017 Male White

4. Prof Seithuti Moshokoa

C2 2015 Male Black
5. Prof Jack Mphahlele C2 2017 Male Black
6. Prof Srinivasu Vallabhapurapu C2 2014 Male Indian
7. Prof Susan Van Aardt C2 2017 Female White
8. Prof Muzi Nindi C3 2015 Male Foreign
9. Prof Fikru Tafesse C3 2014 Male Foreign
10. Prof Linda Jewel C3 2015 Female White
11. Prof Ruth de Villiers C3 2013 Female White
12. Prof Hugo Lotriet C3 2017 Male White
13. Prof Judy Van Bijon C3 2018 Female White
14. Prof Van der Poll C3 2018 Male White
15. Prof Gabriel Summers L 2014 Male Coloured
16. Prof Elmarie Kritzinger Y2 2017 Female White
17. Prof Ayo Afolabi Y2 2017 Male Foreign
18. Prof Shengzhi Du Y2 2014 Male Foreign
19. Dr Simon Dhlamini Y2 2017 Male


20. Prof Inderasan Naidoo Y2 2016 Male


21. Prof Yorick Hardy

Y2 2014 Male White
22. Prof Saka Abdulkareem Y2 2017 Male