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College of Science, Engineering and Technology

CSET Research Flagship 5: Water Research

Flagship Project Leader: Prof Francois IIlunga


South Africa is a water scarce country with its average rainfall at just over half of the world’s average. The already precarious water situation is further convoluted by climate change that has the potential to impact very significantly on both the availability of and requirements for water in South Africa.

Although the country is on route to meet the Millennium Development Goals more needs to be done in order to close the existing gaps in water provision and water sanitation between urban and rural areas.

Since the buildings of major water infrastructure as well as the large-scale water transfers are no longer the solution to the country’s water crisis, new water sources such as recycling of wastewater, water conservation, rainwater harvesting, etc, will require new levels of cooperation and public understanding. The flagship project explores current issues in the field of water engineering and related fields.

Research aims:

  • To research the different components of water systems (in general in the field of water engineering and related field)
  • To promote collaboration in the water field with other institutions of higher learning in Southern Africa, in Africa and in the world.
  • To disseminate of information through written articles and public lectures, seminars, workshops, colloquium

Development/Capacity Building aims:

  • To promote research culture by targeting staff without PhDs, young and new academic and new researchers, as well as develop confidence in research