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The impact of knowledge systems on human development in Africa

Cornel W du Toit (ed.) (2007)


  1. The ethical use of science – Bernard Hoose
  2. Science and moral theology: Friends or foes?– Bernard Hoose
  3. Face to face with mystery in science and religion – Albert Nolan
  4. The quest for ubuntu in a coming-of-age South Africa: Questions arising from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s latter ideas – Peter Barrett
  5. The restoration of subjectivity in science, rationality and knowledge systems as a precondition for scientific integrity – Cornel du Toit
  6. Bildung and knowledge systems in the science and religion debate – Petro van Niekerk
  7. A philosophical basis for evaluating the effects of science and religion on human development – Augustine Shutte
  8. Knowledge systems and human development: A South African perspective – Brenda de Wet
  9. Grassroots and the socio-political impact of techno-scientific knowledge – Cedric Mayson
  10. Spiritual healing as an indigenous knowledge system – Christina Landman
  11. Identity in relationship: The ethics of ubuntu as an answer to the impasse of individual consciousness – Dion Forster

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