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Master's & doctoral studies

Prescribed student fees (doctoral degrees)

Description Year Total The full amount is payable at the time of registration
Subjects in Education; Law; Psychology; and Public Management and Services
Research Proposal Year R 3 490.00 R 3 490.00
Thesis Year R 13 500.00 R 13 500.00
Subjects in Business, Economics and Management Studies; Communication, Journalism and Related Studies; Computer and Information Sciences; Languages, Linguistics and Literature; Philosophy, Religion and Theology; and Social Sciences
Research Proposal Year R 3 430.00 R 3 430.00
Paper Year R 12 910.00 R 12 910.00
Subjects in Architecture and the Built Environment; Engineering; Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences; and Mathematics and Statistics
Research Proposal Year R 3 350.00 R 3 350.00
Thesis Year R 12 390.00 R 12 390.00
Subjects in Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and related Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts; Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences; Life Sciences; and Physical Sciences
Research Proposal Year R 3 280.00 R 3 280.00
Paper Year R 12 100.00 R 12 100.00