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last modified: 2012/05/15

2010 Ethical Psychological Assessment Seminar

2010: Rubik cubes of colour, shape and size: Ethical psychological testing in a multicultural work environment

The Department of Industrial & Organisational Psychology invites you to a one-day seminar on Psychological assessment in a multicultural SA

Welcome to the Rubik’s Cube Adventure!

The Industrial Psychology masters students and lecturers from the Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (Unisa) are hosting a 1-day seminar on South African test distributors and developers in the field of industrial psychology.

Current psychology and industrial psychology students as well as psychometrists and HR practitioners will benefit from contemporary information on test distribution and test development in the SA context. A critical analysis of current psychometric practice in general and specifically of available psychometric tests will be debated and strengths and weaknesses highlighted.

Psychological assessment is a core area of practice in organisational development, human recourse management and talent management. Don’t miss this opportunity to broaden your knowledge base about what is available within the South African context.  We invite you to engage with us in our exploring of current trends in multicultural assessment, computer-based assessment, regulation of assessment practice, ethical dilemmas and possible best practice solutions in the field of psychological assessment.

Seminar Date: 18 August 2010
8h30 (for 9h00) – 15h30