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Undergraduate & honours studies

My skills

Skills are abilities youíve developed and can use effectively. You learn skills from your experiences. These include voluntary, paid or unpaid work, and family and community responsibilities. Basic skills are important when working within a fast-changing society:

  • communication skills (reading, writing, creating online content, communicating visually and evaluating information)
  • social intelligence (connecting meaningfully with others and wanting to make a difference)
  • teamwork (negotiating, motivating and engaging with diverse groups online and offline)
  • problem solving and novel thinking (creating unique solutions to problems) and
  • information management (filtering and making sense of information).

You will learn new skills in each module of your qualification. These can help you become employed and improve your community contribution. You need to connect what you learn at university with what you can contribute in the workplace and in your community. As you study and your skills develop, your frame of reference will expand and you will become aware of more opportunities.


Think about your life experiences (work, volunteering, school, studies and personal). Link them to the specific skills youíve developed. Reflect on how these skills relate to your career choices.

  • What skills do I have (think about paid and unpaid work, community and family activities)?
  • What skills must I still develop?
  • How will I develop these skills?

My valuesMy values