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College of Human Sciences

Department of History

The following are the major activities in the Department of history:

1   Short Course in School History Enrichment

 Ms HJ Lubbe is actively involved in community engagement via the Short Course in School History Enrichment. The aim of this SAQA accredited course (NQF Level 5) is to inspire, support and encourage secondary school History and Social Science teachers and to help them enhance their teaching performance and pass rates. This in turn inspires and improves the academic quality of secondary school learners many of whom continue with tertiary studies. The course also attracts enrollments from the museum sector and empowers museum staff to market their resources more efficiently to schools and the broader public once they have acquired better knowledge of new developments in the educational and heritage sectors.

In addition, the course has stimulated interest in practical teacher training workshops in various provinces from which not only History and Social Science teachers, but also their colleagues from other disciplines have benefited. Some of these workshops include life skills training which enriches the lives of teachers and filters through to their families, learners and the community in general. Finally, the project is generating reflexive research based partly on the personal opinions and experiences of candidates who have completed the course, thereby strengthening the two-way interaction between academic historians and community-based educators.

2   Gateway to Freedom History Legacy Research Project

 The project is sponsored by the Department of Arts, Culture and Sports of the North West Province and it aims to locate and interview the lesser known contributors to the liberation struggle and the sites and places of combat, between South African Defence troops and ANC members. The project aims thus to commemorate people and these locations in the North West Province and Botswana and the role played by “foot soldiers” in the context of the struggle for liberation.. In addition, heritage routes will also be identified to enhance tourism in the North West Province. The project leader is Prof Andy Manson, a research fellow of the Department of History and the funds allocated to the project(s) amount to about R1.2 million. The project is approved for 3 years. Unisa and the Department of History will oversee the distribution of the funds and the project etc.