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Community engagement

Department of Communication Science

The major community engagement projects in Communication Science include the following:

Mukhanyo Community Development Centre (4 staff members involved)
The Mukhanyo Community Development Centre (MCDC) is a NGO operating in the Kwandebele region, close to Hammanskraal just north of Pretoria. This is a rural area that has been badly affected by the widespread HIV/Aids infection rate and it is also ravaged by poverty. MCDC has initiated a number of projects in order to alleviate the suffering of the local people in this area. MCDC established the Nakekela step down facility for terminally ill Aids patients: here patients receive medical care until they are well enough to return home, or until they pass on. MCDC manages five separate centers for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: here 1500 children (mostly Aids orphans) are fed daily, helped with their homework, and given emotional and spiritual guidance in order to help them cope with their very difficult circumstances. Many of these children come from child-headed households and could not survive without the care they receive at these centers. MCDC also manages a number of other community-orientated projects, such as HIV/Aids education projects, the training of home-based care workers, social workers and pastors, and MCDC has just established a new school for HIV/Aids orphans where these children can gain an education.