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Finance, Risk Management and Banking

ABSA Chair in Banking

ABSA and Unisa, with the co-operation of the Unisa Foundation, initiated a Chair in Banking in 2008 for a period of five years. The ABSA Chair in Banking is an academic facility for banking within the Department of Finance, Risk Management and Banking at Unisa. The following are some of the objectives of the ABSA Chair in Banking:
  • Promoting research of banking and related topics
  • Developing training and educational programmes in banking
  • Supervising students who undertake postgraduate studies in banking
  • Supporting the process of accreditation of banking modules
  • Enabling the publication of research findings
  • Providing in-house education and training support to ABSA staff

The above objectives can be summarised according to the following strategic categories:

  • Development: Assisting in the development of the Programme Qualification Mix for banking qualifications
  • Research: Promoting banking-related research initiatives and the publication of articles
  • International Financial Services Conference: Supporting the project to organise the bi-annual International Financial Serivces Conference.
  • Community Engagement: Coordinating research-based community engagement initiatives related to banking

It is envisaged that by means of the ABSA Chair in Banking, banking education and training will be enhanced and expanded throughout Southern Africa in particular, but also to the rest of Africa.