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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The Unisa Tool for Onscreen Marking (UTOM)

Assessing and marking student work is an essential part of the University of South Africa’s Open Distance Learning tuition model.   Assessment can be a time-consuming activity especially when faced with the large numbers of students enrolled at Unisa. 

Assessing student work, providing meaningful feedback and comments is an invaluable contribution to students’ learning. Unfortunately, meaningful assessment is often neglected due to the burden of administrative tasks like adding marks, completing class lists and distributing marked assignments to external markers and others. 

To address this challenge, Unisa ICT tasked Aesir, a South African software company, to assist the university in the development of an online toolset that makes digital marking, commenting and processing of assignments possible.

Several tools were developed that allow for the following assessment functions:

  • Onscreen marking (inserting & counting tick marks or adding impression scores)
  • Adding comments (with a re-usable list of comments or individual comments, as required)
  • Rubric type marking (with pre-configured rubrics)

The toolset adds additional marking and commenting toolbars to the Adobe Professional 9 software, and operates with the Adobe Professional 9 and Adobe Air V1.5 products. Therefore, all the existing functions in Adobe Professional are still available for use, as well.

If you would like to explore onscreen marking, and you have Adobe Profesional 9.0 and Adobe Air V1.5 installed you are welcome to download the tools from the links given below.

In the spirit of the Creative Commons License, under which these tools were developed, you are welcome to use and adapt the Unisa Tool for Onscreen Marking {UTOM} as long as you acknowledge Unisa.

Below is the link to the ZIPPED folder containing all the files that you need to download