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Directorate for Counselling & Career Development

Manage my career

I need to explore alternative study options You do not meet the admission requirements for the qualification you applied for, or you have realised that Unisa is not for you - what now?
I need to get started with planning my career You are at the start of your career and you need to make some choices with regards to your career but you are not sure where to start. This section will help you to think about the different aspects you need in order to make a considered choice.
I need to decide between different options You have identified a couple (or more) options in terms of your career and you feel confused about which one to choose.
I need to change my career direction You have been working, but you have realised that you have to make some changes due to your changing circumstances, or due to the environment that is changing. This section will help you to think about the different aspects you need to consider in terms of changing your career direction
I have work experience and I need a qualification You have work experience and now you need to complete a qualification to progress. Learn more about what you could think about so that you make an informed decision about the qualification you wish to complete.
I want to research career options You need to think about how you would go about researching different career options and where to find information
I know what I am interested in and I want to explore career fields related to these interest Explore job titles related to specific interests, including working with children, working with people, working with the environment and more.
I want to know more about career information related to my field of study Read more about careers in your field of study
I need to link my studies to my career vision You passed 4 or more modules this semester/year. It is still some time before you graduate. This section will help you to reflect on your progress with your studies and the skills you are developing
I need to know how to use LinkedIn Learn how to use LinkedIn to create effective networks and establish a credible online presence
I need to know about preparing myself for opportunities Learn more about how you could prepare yourself for opportunities as you are studying. The Prepare yourself for opportunities brochure will help you to think about how your studies link with your career; how to do career research and reflect on your self-confidence and the impact this has on your studies and career.

I need to enhance my employability

Explore more ways of increasing your employability, including how you present yourself to employers through your CV, portfolio and interview skills

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