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Bachelor's degree with Psychology as major

[for example: BA; BSc; BA Health Sciences and Social Services; BA(SW); BBA; BA Pol]

Minimum duration: 3 years

Average part-time duration: 5-6 years

Students are introduced to a broad and basic understanding of the discipline and its areas of focus, and guided towards multi-level connections of their personal experience with the contexts and societies that they inhabit.

Along with other courses required for the Bachelorís degree (see the Unisa Calender Part 2), students will be required to make a number of selections from the list of courses below.

Note that some if these courses are compulsory, depending on the specific programme that the student intends to complete (see the Unisa Calender for details).

Level I modules

  • Basic psychology [PYC101Y]
  • Psychology in society [PYC1023]

Level II modules

  • Personality theories  [PYC2015]
  • Child and adolescent development [PYC2026]
  • Adulthood and maturity [PYC2038]
  • Community psychology: re-imaging community [PYC205Y]
  • HIV/Aids care and counselling [PYC206B]
  • Basic measurement and questionnaire design in psychology [PYC207C]
  • Research in the Social Sciences [RSC201H]

Level III modules

  • Social psychology  [PYC3019]
  • Abnormal behaviour and mental health  [PYC302A]
  • Cognition: thinking, memory and problem solving  [PYC303B]
  • Psychological research  [PYC304C]
  • Transformative counseling encounters [PYC305D]
  • Community psychology: intervention strategies [PYC306B]

Students who intend to continue with the Psychology Honours degree and who have completed their Bachelorís degree without psychology as major, will be required to complete the relevant undergraduate modules for Psychology as a major subject for non-degree purposes.