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last modified: 2011/09/22

Diversity Management, Equity & Transformation

Welcome to Diversity Management, Equity & Transformation

Social transformation is at the heart of changing mindsets in higher education institutions to become more appreciative and purposeful about social justice and fairness, cultural diversity and developing inclusive institutional cultures.

Diversity Management, Equity & Transformation is the golden thread that taps into colleges and departments in the institution to facilitate change in a forward direction. Together with the Change Management Steering Committee (CMSC) the Change Management department provides support to respective constituencies at Unisa. The unit believes in broad coordination and proposed engagements with stakeholders for greater change impact, guided by the institutional vision.

Dr TND Sidzumo-Mazibuko

Executive Director
Dr TND Sidzumo-Mazibuko




Deputy Director: Transformation
Dr Malekutu Bopape

Director: Employment Equity
Ms MSM Lengane